Home Energy Check LLC provides support services to help homebuilders, contractors and homeowners achieve energy code compliance, and assess performance issues with an emphasis on practical implementation strategies.


Services for Homeowners

Don't guess. Let us show you the most cost-effective steps you can take to make your home more efficient and comfortable.

Services for Contractors

We help you build better homes. And, we  provide all the code compliance documents and handle all the red tape, to get you those incentive rebates..

Russ Cribbs

Cribs Construction Company

I have worked with Dan Aaron at Home Energy Check for the last 3 years. I must say that he is the most passionate of all my team about teaching us how to build a better home!

Dan always has helpful feedback and new information. I continue to be amazed at how much he enjoys his job.

Dan has been a super teammate. He has helped us to build better, more efficient homes. It makes me very proud to build or sell homes to our great clients. His service will save them lots and lots of money. Not to mention, their families can enjoy an efficient, healthy home.

Will Huntley

Huntley Design Build, Inc.

Dan Aaron and his company Home Energy Check are invaluable partners to us and our Custom Construction Clients.  We involve Dan in the planning stages of every project to ensure we specify the proper HVAC package to create the best value of efficiency, overall comfort and future operating costs.  Dan is involved throughout our projects with various timeline inspections for quality, workmanship and accuracy of installation.  

Huntley Design Build prides itself on being the leader of constructing High Performance Homes in The Sandhills Area and Dan is our go to resource and third party verifier for all things that go into creating these complex and involved projects.

Ken Bass

GWB Construction Co

Home Energy Check has introduced G.W.B. Construction to new heights in energy efficiency in our homes.  They have shown us new and innovative ways to differentiate our company from the competition. The home that we build today with Home Energy Check involved is exponentially better for the customer as well as G.W.B. Construction.