Energy Check Services for Homeowners

Your home is a system with many interrelated parts, just like your body. So if you have a medical problem, do you seek out a generalist or a specialist first?

At Home Energy Check, we can help you isolate the issues and recommend solutions prior to calling in the specialist to repair the problem. Or if you are building a new home, we can help you make informed decisions up front before its to late to ensure comfort when you occupy your new home. With home performance testing you can move closer to a high performance home, not an average home!

Jim D. Smith


Thanks for the very professional analysis of our home.  We have been here for 18 years and I thought it might be a good idea to have an energy check-up.

Your analysis confirmed many of my suspicions about areas that needed improvement.  Your thoroughness in analysis, your listening to my concerns, your application of the technical tools you brought, and the clarity of your written report made it easy for me.  The pictures taken with the thermographic camera were shocking!

I was especially excited about some of the inexpensive solutions that could provide immediate payback and long term savings.  I am implementing them now!

The value of the work you did for us was incredible.  Any homeowner should have you assess their home to identify potential savings to protect their most expensive investment, their home.

Homeowner Financial Incentives

Thanks to the support of Duke Progress Power, financial incentives are available for upgrades to homes that are over a year old.  

Replacement of an HVAC to one above 14 SEER may generate up to $600.  

Duct sealing may generate up to $190.

Insulation and Air Sealing upgrades may generate up to $500 ($.375 from R19 or less up to a minimum level of R30.)

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Three levels of service...


Home Energy Score




Home Energy Rating

We will work with you to scientifically pinpoint the areas for potential improvements in your home which means you won’t be paying for repairs that give marginal gains. And after the repairs, we can come back to ensure the work was done correctly. That’s different!!

What are we looking for? Control over the systems… What are the main two systems of the home? The enclosure (walls/ceiling/floor and the components within) and the heart (HVAC systems). Both of these must work together to provide comfort to the inhabitants….

And that’s what we are all about at Home Energy Check, High Performance Homes that work!!

By Percentage, Where Does a House Leak?

graphic showing where a house leaks warm or cool air

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