Helping Contractors Build Energy Efficient Homes

Home Energy Check LLC provides support services to help homebuilders, architects, and designers navigate energy code compliance issues and Energy Certification with an emphasis on practical, low costs strategies.

Our experience confirms that the most cost effective way to build an energy efficient home is to identify any weak links early on during the design and construction process, before it’s too late. Our pre- construction plan analysis and energy modeling builds an energy profile of the home to help determine the smartest, cost effective, strategies.

High Performance Homes, Made Simple

Based on our plans analysis we provide a scaled down, builder friendly, punch list to help meet the project goals. In addition we will meet your subcontractors in the field to answer questions, provide training, and quality assurance through performance testing. Home Energy Check uses sophisticated residential energy analysis software to calculate energy loads and consumption for heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and appliances.

“What if” scenarios run prior to construction can provide the following,

  • Determine optimum insulation and glazing levels.
  • Determine ventilation requirements.
  • Predict and compare the impacts of upgrades and changes.
  • Project a pre construction HERS score. (Rebates are calculated from this score)

Builder Financial Incentives

Thanks to the support of Duke Progress Power, financial incentives are available for qualifying projects built under the North Carolina High Efficiency Residential Option.  

Currently builder rebate incentives run between $750 and $9,000, depending on the modeled Kwh savings. 

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Chris Burgess

Chris L Burgess Construction Company
Dan has a tremendous amount of knowledge in this field and has taught me a lot. The information he has imparted on me along with the unbiased third party checks he has performed have been invaluable. They have given me peace of mind knowing I have provided my clients with a more energy efficient home. This means my clients are saving money and they couldn’t be more grateful.

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